Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework

How inclusive growth is measured and what success looks like for inclusive growth are key questions raised by stakeholders across Scotland. To answer these questions, and inform and facilitate discussions of inclusive growth, the Scottish Government is developing two inter-related tools: a high-level outcomes framework and a diagnostic tool.

The Scottish Government position is that it is important to balance the need to establish a shared base of understanding while also reflecting the priorities of the people and places where inclusive growth is pursued. In line with this, the outcomes framework sets a broad lens through which inclusive growth can be viewed, while the diagnostic tool allows for initial analysis of inclusive growth to adapt to, and reflect the priorities of, a particular region of Scotland.

The Scottish Government welcomes feedback on both tools in line with the spirit of SCRIG and the aim to progress inclusive growth as both a process and an outcome. Feedback is therefore welcomed on their relevancy and how they can be improved.

The Inclusive Growth Outcomes

In order to capture a shared vision on inclusive growth, the Scottish Government proposes that the following outcomes framework – the 5 Ps – can be used to frame discussions on inclusive growth. The five themes proposed are: Productivity, Population, Participation, People and Place.

Please note that people and place are expressed as both outcomes as well as dimensions of the framework. Both elements are essential when defining and monitoring Inclusive Growth at a high level – reflecting their inclusion as outcomes. They are also included as dimensions, because any in depth analysis of inclusive growth needs to consider performance of other outcomes against these dimensions in order to facilitate building a rich analysis of inclusive growth in Scotland. For people, this means looking at impact across people groups, in particular the Protected Characteristics. For place, this means considering regional and community level differences.

Alongside this vision for what inclusive growth looks like, it is key to recognise the context and constraints that face those who wish to pursue and promote inclusive growth. Therefore, the Scottish Government propose that inclusive growth discussions are informed by discussions of sustainability, ensuring that the benefits of inclusive growth can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Scottish Government does not propose to develop a bespoke inclusive growth monitoring report for Scotland as a whole. Inclusive growth is at the core of the National Performance Framework (NPF) and specific indicators from the NPF lend themselves well to providing an indication of overall performance on inclusive growth. However, achieving success on inclusive growth will naturally involve more than monitoring Scotland level indicators; it will be about delivering on a diverse range of inclusive growth priorities for different groups of people and different places.

For details of the inclusive growth diagnostic tool, please go to the Inclusive Growth Diagnostic page.