Equality Impact Assessments – Why, What, How?

A new video training resource on Equality Impact Assessments (EQIA)

During the Autumn of 2020 Chris Oswald led a series of 90 minute training sessions for City Region Deal staff on how to EQIA their projects.

The sessions were really well received, getting an overall evaluation of 8.3 out 10.

The training was spilt up into three sections –

  • Why –  what are the inequalities we are trying to reduce?
  • What is the legislation that we need to keep in mind?
  • How? – a worked example of EQIA’ing a digital industry project.

We have recorded these sessions,  and you can view them now on YouTube by following the links below:

Part 1 – Why

Part 2 – What

Part 3 – How

During the sessions, Chris draws on over 15 years direct experience of working on and assessing EQIA’s. These particular sessions were developed as a training tool for the North East of Scotland Joint Committee on City Region Deals. Whilst the sessions are Scottish specific and relate to investment decisions, the principles outlined are applicable across the UK and into other sectors.

Please note that this resource is not copyrighted, but if you are planning to use it, an acknowledgement of the source would be welcomed.