Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework

The Scottish Government defines inclusive growth as “growth that combines increased prosperity with greater equity; that creates opportunities for all and distributes the dividends of increased prosperity fairly.” Emphasis is placed on building a strong labour market to achieve inclusive growth through the creation of more good quality jobs and ensuring people across Scotland can access them.

How inclusive growth is measured and what success looks like are key questions raised by stakeholders across Scotland. To answer these questions, and inform and facilitate discussions on inclusive growth, the Scottish Government has developed a high-level outcomes framework which clearly defines the dimensions of inclusive growth and provides a consistent structure for analysis and monitoring of inclusive growth performance.

SCRIG hosts two tools which support the delivery of the inclusive growth outcomes: the inclusive growth dashboard and the inclusive growth diagnostic.

It is important to balance the need to establish a shared understanding, while also reflecting the priorities of the people and places where inclusive growth is pursued. In line with this, the outcomes framework sets out the high-level outcomes which is a lens through which inclusive growth can be viewed, while the diagnostic allows for analysis of inclusive growth to adapt to, and reflect the priorities of, a particular region of Scotland.

This is an updated version of the Inclusive Growth Outcomes and indicators which builds on initial feedback received from users. We continue to welcome feedback and work alongside stakeholders to carry out further review and refinement of this work.

The Inclusive Growth Outcomes

The Inclusive Growth Outcomes expand on the Scottish Government’s definition of inclusive growth by clearly defining five inclusive growth outcomes. These outcomes provide a consistent structure for analysis and discussion of inclusive growth performance and capture the key themes under which performance can be monitored:

Alignment with the NPF

 There are a number of frameworks which support action plans and strategies. Scotland’s National Performance Framework (NPF) tracks performance at the national level against the purpose.

A mapping exercise was carried out to ensure there is alignment between the NPF outcomes and indicators the Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework where possible.

The NPF remains the overarching framework by which we measure Scotland’s performance. The Inclusive Growth Outcomes are intended to supplement this to provide a framework for understanding inclusive growth at a regional and local level across Scotland. Given the central importance of job creation and inclusion in quality employment to an individual and place’s experience of inclusive growth, the outcomes and underpinning indicators have a strong labour market focus.

The Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework Dashboard

The Inclusive Growth Dashboard is an interactive data tool which captures a balanced range of indicators for the Inclusive Growth Outcomes. The indicators are reliably and consistently updated with the most recent data. The data is currently available for Scotland’s 32 local authorities and this will be updated to include regional data in due course.

Access the Inclusive Growth Dashboard. 

This supports the wider inclusive growth diagnostic exercise. For details of the inclusive growth diagnostic and dashboard, please go to the Inclusive Growth Diagnostic page.

More information on the Inclusive Growth Outcomes and Diagnostic can be found in the Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework report below.