The resources and tools provided through Scotland’s Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth are intended to help users interrogate inclusive growth performance in a particular place and develop priorities for driving regional inclusive growth performance.  

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Data and analysis

Inclusive Growth Diagnostics

Regional and Local Inclusive Growth Diagnostics The Inclusive Growth Diagnostic Tool SCRIG is committed to providing access to relevant analytical …

Data and analysis

Inclusive Growth Outcomes Framework

The Scottish Government defines inclusive growth as “growth that combines increased prosperity with greater equity; that creates opportunities for all …

Inclusive Growth Research

Inclusive Growth Research

Research into inclusive growth has received attention from academics and policy makers since the term emerged in the late 2000s. …

Data and analysis

Regional Skills Assessments

Regional Skills Assessments Data Matrix Developed and hosted by Skills Development Scotland Regional Skills Assessments assist in providing the evidence …

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Business and Inclusive Growth

Business-Led Inclusive Growth in the South of Scotland

A report published in June 2019 highlights the role businesses play in creating inclusive economic growth and identifies opportunities to …

Data and analysis

Scotland’s Economic Asset Register

Click here to access the Economic Asset Register The Enterprise and Skills Review Phase 2 report on Regional Partnerships committed …