Business and Inclusive Growth

A key priority of SCRIG is to broaden the partnership with the private, public and third sectors in the Inclusive Growth Agenda.

All components of Scotland’s Economic Strategy – inclusive growth, innovation, internationalisation and investment – are interrelated, and one cannot be achieved without the others. Innovative, productive businesses that create quality jobs are vital to delivering this and our partners in the private, public and third sectors all have a role to play in delivering this agenda.

Business Pledge

The Scottish Government has developed the Scottish Business Pledge, which is a voluntary commitment by companies in Scotland to adopt fair, progressive and successful business practices. The Pledge celebrates a values-led partnership between Government and Business.

The Pledge plays a key role in promoting and encouraging sustainable economic growth. It recognises the importance of businesses in creating lasting economic success that also achieves fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

Scotland’s Enterprise Agencies

Scotland’s enterprise agencies play a key role in supporting this agenda:

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise’s purpose is to create more, better jobs that nurture shared wealth and collective wellbeing.

Their Objective is, therefore, to develop an approach that focuses on:

  • The quality of jobs they help create and safeguard through inclusive and sustainable growth
  • How inclusive and sustainable growth helps tackle inequality

Scottish Enterprise has a range of interventions and approaches to help achieve these ambitions including work on innovative workplace practices, support for women in business, and their contribution to Community Planning and Regional Economic Partnerships. Further details of work on diversity can be found in their latest Equality Mainstreaming Report. Contact Scott Reid-Skinner ( for more information or visit their website.

Scottish Enterprise’s Strategic Framework, 2019-2022

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

HIE wants the Highlands and Islands to be a highly successful and competitive region in which increasing numbers of people choose to live, work, study and invest. Their purpose is to generate sustainable and inclusive growth across the Highlands and Islands. They do so by accelerating business growth, strengthening communities, supporting growth sectors and developing regional attractiveness.

HIE’s ambition is to be recognised for the following in all parts of the region:

  • a distinctive place-based economy
  • an innovative, productive and internationally competitive business base
  • resilient and resourceful communities that are empowered, capable and inclusive
  • a growing population, particularly through the attraction of more economically active and young people
  • well connected, with fit for purpose digital and transport links
  • a vibrant and distinctive culture

HIE has an area based business and community support delivery model and works with social enterprises and promote the Scottish Business Pledge. Their research on occupational segregation informs the support they provide for women entrepreneurs in ambitious businesses. Their community support case studies demonstrate the ways in which they have worked with communities across the region. Young people play an important role in growing the economically active population and their youth survey will inform work to make the Highlands and Islands a better place to live, work and study in.

HIE’s suite of equality outcomes articulates how they can maximise our strategic impact through realising economic, social and community benefits for particular groups of people. HIE’s outcomes focus on increasing the diversity of leadership and workforce participation, developing welcoming and sustainable communities and growing the working age population in every part of the Highland and Islands. You can find out more out about HIE’s approach to equality and diversity on the HIE website here.

HIE Operating Plan

South of Scotland Enterprise

South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) launched officially on 1 April 2020 as the new Economic and Community Development Agency for Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders.

It is the first of Scotland’s public agencies whose legislation promotes a wider view on the economy and how it impacts all we do.  It is also one of the first to have ‘Fair work’ running through all of its activities.

SOSE is committed to driving inclusive growth, increasing competitiveness, and tackling inequality within the South of Scotland region.

It works with people and businesses in communities’ right across the South of Scotland to grow its economy by providing investment, expertise and mentoring.

SOSE is currently engaged in the development of a Regional Economic Strategy (RES).  As a result an updated Operating plan will be published around May 2021.

SOSE Operating Plan 2020/21

For more information visit the SOSE website.