About Us

Scotland’s approach to inclusive growth

Scotland’s Economic Strategy (2015 ) sets a clear mission to grow the  economy sustainably and inclusively through two mutually supportive ambitions – boosting our competitiveness whilst tackling inequalities. This embodies our commitment to delivering Inclusive Growth.

Scotland’s Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth (SCRIG) provides an interactive platform for collaboration with stakeholders to strengthen our shared ability to deliver inclusive and sustainable economic growth throughout Scotland’s economy, and across all of our regions.

Our mission

The mission of Scotland’s Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth is to drive improvements in inclusive growth outcomes across Scotland, recognising the different opportunities and challenges across Scotland’s regions, through deepening the evidence base on what can accelerate regional inclusive growth and driving evidence-based policy and decision-making.

Inclusive growth is an ambition that requires a broad partnership across the public, private and third sectors to realise. The SCRIG is hosted by the Scottish Government, but is a collaboration between government, industry and academia, offering a platform for practitioners, policy-makers and academic advisors to design, develop and support the delivery of Inclusive Growth within Scotland’s regions.

Our core capabilities       

At its core, SCRIG provides users with tools to analyse Scotland’s regional economies, identify core characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. This will enable the construction of a robust evidence base to identify the actions required to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth in Scotland’s regions. For example, the developing Regional Economic Partnerships will be able to use these analytical tools to move from strategic thinking to operational actions that will drive inclusive growth across their areas and communities.

Core functions

SCRIG’s core functions are to:

  1. Assist all developing Regional Economic Partnerships and Local Authorities to embed an evidence-based approach in policy and decision-making, including investments such as City and Growth deals, to deliver inclusive growth outcomes.
  2. Embed inclusive growth outcomes at the heart of regional and local economic development and provide a consistent framework for monitoring and evaluating inclusive growth outcomes for Scotland’s Regional Economic Partnerships and associated City and Regional Growth Deals.
  3. Deepen the evidence base through providing data, analysis and insights on what drives regional inclusive growth.
  4. Develop the partnership with the private, public and third sectors in the common inclusive growth agenda by enabling a network of practitioners to assemble an evidence base of successful practice in achieving inclusive growth .
  5. Promote Scotland’s international engagement on inclusive growth.

Content for SCRIG will be provided and developed in partnership with a number of stakeholders with expertise in regional economic development and inclusive growth.

Our team

Scotland’s Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth website is the initial interface for the collaborations we will enable over time, with day-to-day operation being undertaken by the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser and the Directorate for Economic Development at the Scottish Government.

As our remit evolves, and Regional Economic Partnerships mature, SCRIG will consider alternative delivery models and ways of working in order to most effectively progress the delivery of its vision.