Inclusive Growth Diagnostics

Regional and Local Inclusive Growth Diagnostics

North Ayrshire Inclusive Growth Diagnostic

In 2017, the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser at the Scottish Government and North Ayrshire Council undertook a joint piece of work to assess what was holding back long-term sustainable inclusivity and growth in North Ayrshire. This pilot was used to refine the inclusive growth diagnostic approach, which has subsequently been applied in a number of other local areas and regions.

The work sought to identify those prioritised investment decisions with the potential to deliver long-term transformational change. The project was awarded the Policy Development Award at the Scottish Public Service Awards in December 2017.

The results of the North Ayrshire Diagnostic can be found in the documents below.

Inclusive Growth Diagnostic User Guide

The Inclusive Growth Diagnostic user guide sets out an overview of the diagnostic approach developed and applied in North Ayrshire for users who may wish to apply the approach in their own area. The approach is intended to be flexible to fit both local circumstances and the context in which it is being undertaken.

The diagnostic user guide can be downloaded below.

The Inclusive Growth Diagnostic Tool

SCRIG is committed to providing access to relevant analytical tools to help stakeholders progress on the development and practical application of inclusive growth policies and action. Our inclusive growth diagnostic framework emphasises the need to consider an evidence-based approach to policy making. This process starts with understanding local data and evidence to identify areas for further investigation, including acknowledging evidence gaps and working to improve them.

To that end, we launched the experimental data tool (SCRIG dashboard excel file) to pull together a range of economic statistics into one place. We have been monitoring feedback and engaging with users to improve this offering.  We are currently in the process of refining and updating the diagnostic tool and a new version will be available on this page in February 2019. 

The updated tool will aim to more clearly define and communicate inclusive growth conditiosn in a local area by:

• Focussing on fewer – but more critical – indicators for each of the 5 Ps. This will allow for flexibility in relation to local priorities, but will ensure a clearer focus on access to high quality jobs while recognising the role of wider drivers influencing inclusive growth.
• Communicating clearly how data can and should be interpreted, including advice on statistical quality of data and limitations.
• Retaining the ability to carry out Local Authority comparisons and regional data aggregation.
• Allowing for greater customisation and adaptation of the tool by focussing guidance on how to add data or update a particular data set within the tool.

Over the longer-term, the Scottish Government is committed to a wider programme of work to improve the availability of sub-Scotland (regional and local) economic statistics (via the Sub-Scotland Economic Statistics Group), that will help deliver better quality data at a disaggregated level.